Workshop Kos

We make stuff.
We tell stories.

Big thinking strategies and perfectly crafted executions.

We believe the only thing separating you from them is a big idea and dedicated execution – the expertise we’ve developed over the last decade.

We craft everything we do. That means taking the time to create something truly unique and authentic to your brand. Like sculptors, we work to identify what makes you special by carving away until we find it. We’re patient. Great work is the result of iteration and that takes time.

We’re small by design. Just us two and your team, making great work together. When you partner with us, we join your company and we take pride in the clients we join.

What is Kos?

Kos is a Norwegian word for the satisfying happiness you feel from the small moments in life. For our clients, that’s the relief from seeing their new logo, the fulfillment of seeing their website launch, the satisfaction of their dreams realized.

We <3 our work

As a small agency, we’re very selective of the clients we work with. Life is too short to spend time on companies and organizations we aren’t passionate about. Here are some folks we’ve helped. We’d love to see your logo here soon.

What we do

We offer a wide breadth of expertise across a number of marketing practices.

We design.

  • Branding
  • Collateral
  • Graphics

We make.

  • Websites
  • Posters
  • Email

We tell.

  • Campaigns
  • Content
  • Video

What we're doing

We spend most of our time on client work but make sure we find time for personal projects. Here’s what we’re working on for ourselves.

12 Hours of Kosmas

We challenged ourselves to work on a project a day for 12 days. Some were simple reminders of something we hadn’t done in awhile and others were completely new. Check it out!

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What we've done

We'd love to work with you

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